We Digitize the Supply Chain of Small Grocery Stores (Bodegas) in Latin America

We give bodegas in Latin America a frictionless, AI-powered app that automates orders, optimizes inventory using AI and saves them time, increases revenue and allows them to compete with larger chains.

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What are 'bodegas'?

In Peru, independent small grocery stores are called ‘bodegas’. There are 2+ million stores only in Latin America and they are considered a natural solution to solving unemployment.

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70% of bodegas are owned and managed by women.

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They provide 1/3 of their country's GDP.

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They provide daily sustenance for 10+ million people only in Latin America.

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It's where low-income families buy groceries on a daily basis.

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The Challenge

The supply chain is fragmented, inefficient and operates in isolation of one another.

  • Pay higher costs, no bulk discounts

  • Lack financing

  • Plan their inventory with no data

  • Are labor-intensive

  • Have low customer reach

  • Don't optimize inventory, routes through data

Consumer packaged goods (CPG)
  • Lack access to real-time data

  • Spend millions on product life-cycle planning

  • Lack standardized data

Our Solution

We transform the entire ecosystem into a digital, integrated supply chain, powered by sophisticated AI, and it all simply starts with bodegas ordering through our app.

  • Automate orders digitally for bodegas

  • Give bodegas the best deals across all distributors (leveraging the bulk purchases)

  • Distributors are less labor-intensive, can reach their long-tail customers and use data to improve operations

  • CPGs can use real-time data for product life-cycle planning.

  • Data is centralized for the first time and normalized.

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How we use AI

We leverage over 100 years of retail experience and the best minds in retail predictive analytics to add value at each step of the supply chain, from bodegas, to distributors to CPGs.
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We use historical sales data, weather data, local cultural events and a blend of our own unique data to predict sales at an accuracy not seen before.

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Compare and contrast the behavior of one-time buyers vs. your best customers in order figure out new promotions and marketing tactics to drive more business

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Retail data can be used to inform your decisions about which promotions to run (and when), how to make marketing choices based on geolocation, and when to take items off the shelves maximizing your profits

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Make more efficient purchasing decisions with real time insights on how your inventory is performing to make sure high-demand products never run out of stock.

Our Social Mission

We are the receipients of multiple awards and accolades around social impact and we take our role seriously. We empower women by uplifting the major role that they play. Local communities benefit because bodegas are the epicenters of them and we encourage the formation of a tighter-knit community around them.

We protect the jobs and incomes of families against the aggressive competition of large chains of convenience stores and spread and modernize technology to be accessible to all.